smart 451 Rear Link Arm Bushing - Powerflex - Outer Bushing

smart 451 Rear Link Arm Bushing - Powerflex - Outer Bushing

smart 451 Rear Link Arm Bushing - Powerflex - Outer Bushing
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Upgrade the performance and handling of your smart fortwo 451 with the Powerflex Rear Link Arm Outer Bushing. Designed to deliver enhanced stability, responsiveness, and durability, this bushing is a valuable addition to your suspension system.

Whether you're seeking enhanced control during spirited drives or looking to upgrade your daily commute, this bushing is a reliable solution. Enjoy the benefits of a more precise and stable suspension system with the Powerflex Rear Link Arm Outer Bushing.


  • Improved Suspension Performance: The Powerflex Rear Link Arm Outer Bushing is engineered to enhance the suspension performance of your smart fortwo. By reducing unwanted flex and movement, this bushing contributes to improved stability, better handling, and more precise control.
  • Responsive Handling: This bushing helps maintain proper alignment and geometry of the suspension components. As a result, you'll experience more responsive and predictable handling, ensuring your vehicle stays firmly planted on the road even during sharp turns and maneuvers.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Powerflex Rear Link Arm Outer Bushing is built to withstand the demands of daily driving and various road conditions. Its durability ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.
  • Reduced Vibrations: The advanced design of this bushing helps dampen vibrations and road noise, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable ride. With minimized vibrations, you and your passengers can enjoy a quieter and more pleasant driving experience.
  • Easy Installation: The Powerflex Rear Link Arm Outer Bushing features a straightforward installation process. With basic tools and minimal effort, you can replace your old or worn-out bushing and enjoy the benefits of improved suspension performance.
  • Precision Fit: Engineered for a precise fit, this bushing seamlessly integrates into your suspension system. Its snug fit ensures that it performs optimally, providing the desired improvements in stability and handling.
  • Enhanced Control: By reducing flex and play in your suspension components, this bushing helps maintain consistent wheel alignment and contact with the road surface. This leads to better control over your vehicle, especially in challenging driving conditions.
  • Trusted Brand: Powerflex is a trusted name in the automotive industry, known for its commitment to quality and performance. With the Rear Link Arm Outer Bushing, you're choosing a product that reflects Powerflex's dedication to engineering excellence.

Elevate your smart fortwo's suspension performance with the Powerflex Rear Link Arm Outer Bushing. Experience improved stability, responsiveness, and durability that contribute to a more enjoyable and confident driving experience. 

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About Manufacturer

Powerflex has extensive knowledge and design experience in automotive suspension and chassis systems. These design skills have been combined with advanced polyurethane manufacturing techniques leading to the development of a wide range of high-performance automotive polyurethane components that are second to none in quality and performance.

All component manufacturing is carried out by our in-house engineers utilizing the latest automatic processing equipment to ensure premium quality. Testing of new components is carried out both on test rigs and on the actual vehicle the parts are designed for.

Stainless steel and aluminum components are also machined in-house on the latest computer-controlled equipment to ensure perfect repeatability and exceptional quality.

The special type of polyurethane used by Powerflex is an advanced proprietary material which has unique properties. This ensures that each product not only offers the high-performance capabilities our customers expect, but also the exceptionally long life and quality they demand - without increased vibration or noise.

Powerflex gained ISO 9001 accreditation in December of 2014. ISO 9001 is an international standard showing that a company operates within a strict system of quality procedures, and Powerflex was awarded this certification on the first assessment inspection - with no changes or recommendations made to the way our business operates, proving our dedication to providing the absolute best in quality and performance.

All of these factors plus our ever-expanding product lineup combine to make Powerflex number one in performance bushings.

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