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smart fortwo Ignition Free Window Modification
451 model - Fuse Expander

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Operate your windows with your ignition off! 

This is a very easy modification.


This allows the user to do an easy, quick conversion that will allow you or your passenger to roll the windows up and down with the car off and the keys out of the ignition.

This item also allows you to have a fuse-protected power supply for other electrical accessories that you may want to add to your car. If you are handy and have access to electric components you could do a similar conversion yourself with some help from your local hardware store and save a couple of dollars. If you are not that handy or simply do not have the time to spare this is a little item that will come with easy to follow instructions and all you do is plug it in and you are ready to go. 


It comes with easy to read and understand instructions and takes 1-2 minutes to install.


Here is a copy of the instructions:

smart car Fuse Expander


Ignition-free windows modification

Adding accessories to the car


A.   Ignition-free Electric Windows

This modification will allow your electric windows to operate with the ignition off. You may find this helpful for someone who is sitting in the car while it is parked. You may find this mod undesirable, however if you have overly active kids or dogs!

1.    Locate the appropriate fuse that controls the electric windows – Fuse 3 for the 451, or Fuse 4 for the 450 model.

2.    Remove the fuse from its socket.

3.    Insert the fuse into the fuse expander.

4.    Plug one end of the expander’s wire into the fuse socket. Caution – you MUST plug into the side of the fuse socket that is adjacent to the fuse number molded onto the SAM cover.

5.    Plug the other wire into one of the spare sockets on the side of the SAM – R5 through R8 are always live 12V. Don’t use R1 through R4 for this modification – those connections are controlled by the ignition switch and you won’t accomplish anything using them!

6.    If you hear the blower motor turn on when you plug the wire in, then you used the wrong side of the fuse socket in step 4!

7.    Test the window operation.

8.    Peel the red backing from the adhesive pad and stick the fuse holder to the SAM so it isn’t in the way.


B.   Providing Power for Other Electrical Accessories

The fuse holder can be used to provide fuse-protected power for other electrical accessories that you add to your car. Simply plug one wire into the appropriate power connector (R1-R8) on the SAM as noted in Step 5 above.  Use a female crimp-on connector on your accessory wiring to connect to the other male connector from the fuse holder. Insert the proper amperage fuse for your accessory.

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